Varicocele & infertility
treatment assistant.

Artificial intelligence & expert systems generate your personalized treatments.
Identify and treat varicocele & infertility at the root-cause.

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Treatment Benefits

⌘ Reduce Varicocele Swelling
⌘Recover Fertility & Restore Hormone Balance
⌘Improve Testicular Health & Function
⌘ Varicocele Pain Relief

How Personalized
Treatments Work

Our app uses a whole health approach to treat varicocele and related infertility. The algorithms compute from an expert knowledge base of physical therapy, fitness and nutrition, life coaching, positive psychology, fertility counselling, personal training & science to build you the most effective treatment program.


Varicocele Root-Cause Assessment & Diagnostics

Our AI expert systems will assess you for 370+ identifiable contributors to varicocele and infertility.

Analysis from the most cutting edge research

Comprehensive root-cause analysis

Utilize dynamic systems and AI for optimized accuracy


Varicocele Personalized Treatment

Our algorithms generate your treatment plan from our growing database of 500+ of the most effective varicocele treatments.

Get daily personalized treatments

Access the most cutting edge treatments

Revolutionary multi-dimentional treatments


Results Tracking & Optimization

Get treatment optimization based on your results progress. Our app will identify signals and optimize your treatment to get your best results.

Data based treatment optimization

Visualize treatment results & signals

Compliance checks and treatment exclusions

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