Varicocele & infertility
AI treatment assistant.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning to help you treat varicocele.
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"Hi, I started your program after literally running out of the surgery room. I followed your advice and I got my wife pregnant!!!!"

​- Thanks a lot, Ernesto

"Surgery is not the best option to treat varicocele, controlling the pathophysiology is the hallmark."

​- Russell F. Spetzler (MD) - United States

"My left side varicocele swelling has been disappeared, right side swelling has reduced little bit. Im feeling happy that im recovering from varicocele."

​- Thanking you, Karan

How Personalized
Treatments Work

Our AI systems compute from an expert knowledge base of physical therapy, fitness, nutrition, life coaching, positive psychology, fertility counseling, personal training & science to build you the most effective treatment program.


Disease Assessment

Our AI expert systems will assess you for 470+ identifiable contributors to varicocele and infertility.

  • Analysis from cutting edge research
  • Comprehensive root-cause assessment
  • Utilize AI & machine learning for maximum accuracy


Personalized Treatment

Your treatment is personalized, daily, from our growing database of 500+ of the most effective varicocele treatments.

  • Access daily personalized treatments
  • Get results from the most cutting edge treatments
  • Root-cause treatment & preventative care


Results, Tracking & Optimization

Our algorithms learn what works best for you. So, your treatment results will improve as you use the app!

  • Data based treatment optimization
  • Visualize treatment results & signals
  • Compliance checks and treatment exclusions

Data-Driven Treatment Results

Note: Average user results compiled from VaricoHealth app 2021-08-31.


Reduce varicocele size

63% in 30 days
80% in 60 days

Testicular Pain

Treat varicocele pain

89% in 30 days
90% in 60 days


Improve sperm count & motility

15% in 30 days
37% in 60 days

Frequently Asked Questions

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